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We were honored to be asked to bring the "phototainment" for this wonderful celebration of one of our favorite non-profit clients! What an inspirational night, to hear more about how this amazing program started 10 years ago as a vision within a teenager from Miami Northwestern High School and how it has impacted so many young people in the Aviation and STEM fields... look for a blog about it very soon.  :)

Happy 10th Anniversary,

Experience Aviation!

23 March 17

2017-3-23-76568C scr
2017-3-23-73954B scr
2017-3-23-76568B scr
2017-3-23-74465C scr
2017-3-23-74465B scr
2017-3-23-74302B scr
2017-3-23-74465A scr
2017-3-23-74302A scr
2017-3-23-76568A scr
2017-3-23-74156A scr
2017-3-23-73954C scr
2017-3-23-74156C scr
2017-3-23-73954A scr
2017-3-23-73611B scr
2017-3-23-73611C scr
2017-3-23-69495A scr
2017-3-23-73611A scr
2017-3-23-69233A scr
2017-3-23-69350C scr
2017-3-23-69495B scr
2017-3-23-69350B scr
2017-3-23-69495C scr
2017-3-23-69233B scr
2017-3-23-69350A scr
2017-3-23-69060C scr
2017-3-23-69060B scr
2017-3-23-69060A scr
2017-3-23-68900C scr
2017-3-23-68900B scr
2017-3-23-68375C scr
2017-3-23-68900A scr
2017-3-23-68748A scr
2017-3-23-68375A scr
2017-3-23-68375B scr
2017-3-23-68748C scr
2017-3-23-68243C scr
2017-3-23-68243B scr
2017-3-23-68012C scr
2017-3-23-68243A scr
2017-3-23-67839B scr
2017-3-23-68012A scr
2017-3-23-68012B scr
2017-3-23-67839C scr
2017-3-23-67839A scr
2017-3-23-67707C scr
2017-3-23-67707B scr
2017-3-23-67707A scr
2017-3-23-67574C scr
2017-3-23-67574B scr
2017-3-23-67574A scr
2017-3-23-67392C scr
2017-3-23-67392B scr
2017-3-23-67392A scr
2017-3-23-67024B scr
2017-3-23-67024C scr
2017-3-23-66608A scr
2017-3-23-66608B scr
2017-3-23-66608C scr
2017-3-23-67024A scr
2017-3-23-67392C scr
2017-3-23-67024C scr
2017-3-23-67392B scr
2017-3-23-67024B scr
2017-3-23-67392A scr
2017-3-23-67024A scr
2017-3-23-66608C scr
2017-3-23-66608B scr
2017-3-23-66608A scr
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